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Patterns Designed by Terri

Browse through this fun list of pattern examples. These may be ordered through the shopping cart.

  1. Funky Stars $8.00 - Easy fusible applique
    funky stars
    Funky Stars

  2. Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! $8.00 - Easy fusible applique
    hearts hearts hearts
    Hearts! Hearts! Hearts!

  3. Merry Hearts $8.00 - Fusible applique and easy twist frameseasytwist
    friends in the attic
    Merry Hearts

  4. Shining Stars $8.00 - Made with easy twist rulereasytwist
    Shining Stars
    Shining Stars

  5. Split Rails $8.00 - Made with easy twist ruler $8.00easytwist
    Split Rails
    Split Rails

  6. Twisted Stars $8.00 - Fusible applique and easy twistframes easytwist
    twisted stars
    Twisted Stars